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We advocate a culture of diversity and openness, and encourage our employees to work closely with overseas clients so that they gain a broad international perspective to establish Getac’s leadership within each industry. We have cultivated an extraordinary R & D team based on innovation, developing unique differentiated technologies.

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We are committed to cultivating talent by providing diverse learning and development opportunities. We want our employees to continue learning and growing with us, in a fully supportive environment where they feel their potential is limitless!

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Global Vision

As an international brand, Getac’s products are sold across 100 countries around the world. Getac has sales locations in major countries in Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific region for localized operations. We advocate a culture of diversity and openness, and encourage our employees to work closely with overseas clients so that they gain a broad international perspective.

Cultivating Talent

The technology industry is volatile and both the company and employees must be ever-changing. At Getac, we promote the 5C1L talent development plan to inspire employees’ creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, communication, and collaboration abilities, as well as their leadership in attaining goals.

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Strategy-guided Communication

Strategy meetings are held semi-annually and attended by all employees. Supervisors of business units and functional units report the annual strategy to all employees, encouraging a company culture of openness, transparency, and communication, so that all employees clearly understand the company’s direction and strategy for development and to work towards the same objective.

Professional training

We’ve created an environment that encourages learning in your own way. Every employee is provided diverse means of expanding what they know and growing in their profession. Our competency training encompasses professional, core, and managerial skills. We invite famous experts to our campus for lively spirited lectures, and when it comes to foreign language training, we go straight to the source with practical instruction from native speakers.

We’ve created a learning environment where study doesn’t feel like homework.

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Life counselor

We care about the adaptability of every new employee of Getac, so every new employee will be accompanied by an exclusive counselor to provide necessary assistance and guidance at work or in life, helping new employees to quickly understand and adapt to the company culture and operations in an environment that is new to them.

Life at getac

We provide a fair, fully functional, and an excellent environment that stimulates excellence and sense of achievement, where continual learning and growth for employees are fully supported and employee care is meticulously provided through extensive variety of thoughtful benefits. Details of country specific benefits can be accessed during the recruitment and onboarding process.

Jobs at getac

Explore the opportunities we currently offer. We have operations across the globe – please click the link of the location you wish to work in, then search for the job opportunity which is suitable for you.

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