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Corporate Governance

The corporate culture of honesty and integrity is a foundation for a company’s sustainable management.

A corporate culture of honesty and integrity

In compliance with relevant laws and regulations, Getac Holdings has established good corporate governance and risk management mechanisms, advocated a corporate culture of integrity and honesty, and requested that employees implement this culture in their internal management and commercial activities, preventing any behaviors refuting the codes of business ethics and in creating a business environment for sustainable development.

In addition to creating a sincere and honest corporate culture, Getac complies with external laws and regulations and establishes internal systems to ensure that Getac employees operate by the highest level of ethical standards. The company strictly prohibits employees from making illegal political donations in exchange for commercial gains or business advantages. As for laws and regulations, Getac complies with the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles to be a law-abiding corporate citizen. The company formulated the Ethical Management Best Practice Principles and the Code of Ethical Conduct for Directors and Supervisors to act as the business ethics and ethical management standards and requires all directors, supervisors, and employees to abide by these standards.

Anti-Corruption And Human Rights Education: 100% Training Rate

In order to implement the education of integrity and strengthen the international anti-corruption trend promotion, Getac Holdings Corp. incorporated anti-corruption and human rights education into its employees’ compulsory training, compiling unified teaching materials, covering the following:

  • The introduction of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, 
  • Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles,  
  • Codes of Ethical Conduct for Employees,  
  • Confidentiality of Material Information and Prohibition of Insider Trading, 
  • Codes of Conduct for Cooperation with Suppliers
  • Regulations for Reward and Punishment of Reporting Corruption and Malpractice.
  • Introduced the Human Rights Protection of Employees in the Chapters on Labor Human Rights, including law compliance working-hour and non-forced labor, prohibiting child labor, gender work equality, and eliminating sexual harassment. 

The anti-corruption course adopts rolling training. For all new employees, the training is compulsory, and all employees are targeted for retraining every year so that all employees bear in mind the importance of human rights and anti-corruption.

In 2021, a total of 10,559 people from Getac Holdings and its subsidiaries received anti-corruption and human rights education and training, and the training ratio reached 100%. Please refer to page 42 of this report for the training details of each subsidiary. We did not find or receive any internal or external reports of unethical conduct by all our operational sites in 2021, as disclosed in this report.

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whistleblowing system

In order to prevent relevant illegal situations and maintain the normal operation of the company, The Company has formulated Guidelines Governing the Reporting of Corruption and Malpractices and Whistleblowing System. The audit unit shall set up a special investigation committee to investigate within three days after receiving the report of unethical conduct. The committee is composed of legal affairs, audit, and HR representatives as well as direct supervisors of involved employees with the audit unit serving as the convener. If the report is verified to be true, in addition to ordering the relevant units to make improvements within a time limit, punish the dereliction of duty in accordance with the law, and prosecute the liability for damages in accordance with the law, so as to set an example.

Getac Holdings has established a mailbox for reporting violations of the Ethical Management Best Practice Principles for internal and external personnel to respond to opinions or report violations, and include the reporting mailbox in the supplier contract. The informant is given a maximum reporting reward of NT$200,000 or 5% of the loss amount according to the guidelines.

For the whistleblower reports, statements for the police or other relevant data, the audit unit shall keep them as a secret and retain them separately. Those who disclose the said materials for no reason will be punished according to the Company’s reward and punishment regulations. In addition, the Company shall guarantee the whistleblowers’ safety. Those who threaten, intimidate or perform illegal actions to the whistleblowers shall be severely punished as per the laws and regulations​
Irregular Business Conduct Reporting Contact​

Head of Auditing Office​

mailto:[email protected]

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Sustainable Development Goals

Getac Responds To SDGs

Focus on the four goals and continue to create long-term value

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a strategic roadmap for the responses of enterprises in climate change and consumer demands. Issues of primary concern to enterprises and future possibilities and directions in the field of corporate sustainability can be identified through reviews of these 17 goals.

In 2018, Getac identified sustainability actions and corresponding goals based on factors such as industry attributes, core capabilities of the company, available resources, feasibility, and stakeholder expectations on the foundation of the UN SDGs. Mid and long-term sustainability strategies of the Company will focus on the following four SDGs: Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, and Goal 4 Quality Education.

Action plans are concretely implemented in the daily operations of the Company in the two categories of “welfare thrust” and “corporate thrust”. In the welfare thrust dimension, the Company engages in charitable donations and utilizes its technological capabilities to improve the quality of education in remote areas through its Getac Charity Trust Fund. On the other hand, the Company organizes “Y.S. Award” competitions to provide promising young students with a platform and opportunity to give free rein to their creativity and thereby train much-needed star performers of the future age of AI.

In the field of corporate operations, the Company implements process innovation, enhances its energy use efficiency, and promotes the universal use of eco-friendly materials by relying on R&D efforts in core technologies. Getac actively develops industries with high-added value to enhance its corporate value with the ultimate goal of creating new employment opportunities. The Company also strives to build a work environment characterized by equality and mutual respect and a climate conducive to learning and growth to foster talent cultivation as a driving force for innovative R&D. Getac maximizes its influence on supply chain partners through communication, supervision, and encouragement to promote respect for human rights and environmental protection and harness its powers as a corporate citizen for positive causes.

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Constant Recycling Of Resources To Achieve Maximum Benefits Is Our Core Sustainability Goal

  • In 2021, the water recycling rate reached 97%; No violation of regulation in the discharge of waste gas, waste water waste, and relevant data are disclosed publicly.
  • Four new energy-saving projects in 2021 saved 3,211 MW of electricity. From 2017 to 2021, the cumulative power saving is 13,673MWh, equivalent to 9,017 Mt CO2e, which can save $NT35.81 million.
Decent work and economic growth

Encouragement Of Talent Innovation Diversity And Equality As The Best Catalyst

  • Enhancement Of Employee Competencies – In 2021, all employees received an average of 60.59 hours of diversified competency training
  • Safeguarding Of Human Rights – All plants strictly prohibit the use of child labor and forced labor
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Utilization Of Core Technologies Continued development of low carbon product and technology

  • Integrate the concept of sustainability into product development and technological innovation, develop environmentally friendly materials, such as Post-consumer recycled plastic materials, and at the same time increase the proportion of recyclable materials used in the casings of computer products.
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Unlimited Learning Possibilities Through The Combination Of Physical And Digital Approaches And Resources

  • Grants And Scholarships For Financially Challenged Students:Grants and scholarships for financially challenged students in northern Thailand enrolled at Tzu Chi University
  • Donation of clothing for financially challenged students at Quaker Care Center for underprivileged families in Huilong
  • Industry-academia Collaboration & Generational Empowerment – Campus recruitment program & Y.S. Award

identification of stakeholders

The opinions of stakeholders are an important basis for Getac’s progress. In addition to timely communication and response of all departments according to their powers and responsibilities, and in maintaining a smooth flow of opinions exchange, Getac Holdings convenes CSR Committee meeting with all members every year by the Chairperson of the CSR Committee to perform evaluation score operations in accordance with the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard. The standard scores from five aspects of dependence, influence, multiple perspectives, responsibility, and tension to identify key stakeholders, and ensure that the understanding of stakeholders by each department is updated and makes constant progress.

According to the results of stakeholder rating in 2021, the top-5 stakeholders are employees, customers/distributors, suppliers, shareholders, and government agencies, with banks ranked sixth and the media ranked seventh.

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Material Topic Identification & Boundary Setting

With reference to the GRI Standards, major international initiatives, and the Supplier Codes of Conduct adopted by and benchmark companies, the company identified 28 sustainability issues in 2021, and questionnaire surveys were made based on these issues. Thus, there are 18 sustainability issues in total for 2021, and after corresponding them to the specific topics of GRI standards, we have identified 20 specific topics, among which the intellectual property rights, information security, corporate governance, and risk management are customized topics.

Impact boundary and level of involvement

Direct Impact

Indirect Imp act

Material Topic
Impact boundary and level of involvementImpact boundary and level of involvementImpact boundary and level of involvementImpact boundary and level of involvement
Material Topic
Getac GroupGetac GroupUpper StreamDown Stream
  Getac HoldingsSubsidiaries*SuppliersCustomers
Governance and Transparency of Information
Operational Risk
Information Security &
Customer Privacy
Customer Privacy0010
Property Rights
Risk Management001
Supply Chain Management001
Anti-competitive Behaviour0
GTC Only

*GTC: Getac Technology Corporation (include Nangang, Xizhi Plant 5)

Water & Effuents0
Marketing & Labeling010
SocialChild Labor001
Training & Education001
Health & Safety
Occupational Health & Safety0001

*Subsidiaries: the subsidiaries entities covered in this report are listed on page 6 of 2021 sustainability report.

Corporate Governance

Stakeholder Communications

To implement CSR and integrate the needs and expectations of shareholders into Getac’s CSR policies, the company has a diverse range of communication channels for stakeholders to communicate CSR-related issues concerning the dimensions of environment, society, and corporate governance. Meanwhile, stakeholder opinions were compiled to provide a reference for developing or revising CSR policies.

Getac’ Response Methods

  • Customer service section on corporate website (immediately)​
  • Sales contract & Non-disclosure agreement (immediately)​
  • Telephone customer service hotline (immediately)​
  • Channel partner conference (periodically)​
  • Consumer service mailbox (immediately)​
  • ESG audit by third party(aperiodic)​

2021 Issues Of Concerns

  • Information Security & Customer Privacy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Customer Health & Safety
  • Environmental/Social/Economic Compliance
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Communication and Response

  • Customer requirements and suggestions including those received through the express customer service e-mail and telephone hotlines are responded to in a timely manner. Satisfaction surveys and distributor conferences are also held on a regular basis. An ESG survey is conducted every year to learn about topics of concern of customers and respond to these topics through the report.​
  • Further upgrades and improvements were carried out by Getac in 2021 in response to the importance of information security to customers. Both ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) and TISAX (Trusted Information Security Exchange) certification were obtained in 2021 to bring our information security standards in line with leading tier-1 international vendors.​

Communication Channels

Customer Service Global Customer Service Center
Lawrence Sung
Email:[email protected]

Getac’s Response Methods

  • Supplier visit (immediately) 
  • Supplier procurement contract(immediately) 
  • Supplier audit(annually) 
  • Supplier query mailbox (immediately) 
  • Supplier Conference(aperiodic)

2021 Issues Of Concerns

  • Information Security & Customer Privacy 
  • Intellectual Property Rights 
  • Corporate Governance  
  • Child Labor 
  • Customer health & safety 

Communication and Response

  • By holding supplier conferences from time to time and regular supplier audits, Getac and its supplier partners continue to communicate operational directions and CSR goals and respond to related concerns. 
  • In 2022, Getac Holdings conducted a supplier ESG survey on 751 suppliers, 91% of the suppliers participated in the ESG self-assessment questionnaire, and 96% signed the suppliers code of conduct. 

Communication Channels

Vendor Relations Purchasing Center 

Email:[email protected] 

Getac’s Response Methods

  • Performance appraisal (annually) 
  • Internal announcement (immediately) 
  • Employee meeting (annually) 
  • Labor management meeting/supervisor meeting/training (periodically) 
  • Education & Training (periodically) 
  • Employee consultation hotline (immediately) 

2021 Issues Of Concerns

  • Information Security & Customer Privacy 
  • Intellectual Property Rights 
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Energy & Water  
  • Customer Health & Safety 

Communication and Response

  • A range of open internal communication channels have been established by Getac to listen to employee feedback. A comprehensive performance evaluation system is also used at every level of management for communication and dialog. 
  • The Company conducted employee satisfaction survey in the factories in China and Vietnam in 2021 to understand the employees’ satisfaction level from multiple aspects including the Company, work, training, interpersonal relationship, communication, attendance, meals, incentives and functional units. We have adjusted and improved the parts that the employees were unsatisfied with, such as adjusting the meal options in the cafeteria for night shift, and establishing employee rest areas in new factories. 

Communication Channels

Employee consultation mailbox 

Corporate Sustainability Organization Development Center 

Andy Lin 

[email protected] 

Getac’s Response Methods

  • Shareholders’ meeting/ investor conference (annually) 
  • Corporate website (immediately) 
  • Market observation post system (immediately) 
  • Investor query mailbox/hotline (immediately) 

2021 Issues Of Concerns

  • Corporate Governance​
  • Economic Performance​
  • Information Security & Customer Privacy​
  • Supply Chain Management​
  • Child labor​

Communication and Response

  • Getac publishes its financial information and annual report in a timely manner as required by law. The corporate website also has an investor section for providing investors with real-time advice.​
  • Scheduled shareholders’ meetings and ad hoc investor conferences are used to communicate the current business progress and future developments with investors. During 2021, we organized two large public investor conferences and 35sessions for small institutional investors.​

Communication Channels

Investor query mailbox/ Hotline 

Irene Sun 

Corporate Relations Office 

[email protected] 

Getac’s Response Methods

  • News releases (immediately) 
  • Press conferences (periodically) 
  • Spokesperson interviews (immediately) 
  • Posting of information on the corporate website (immediately) 

2021 Issues Of Concerns

  • Corporate Governance​
  • Economic Performance​
  • Information Security & Customer Privacy​
  • Supply Chain Management​
  • Child Labor​

Communication and Response

  • The media is the bridge for transmission of information. They serve as a vital link for Getac to communicate with society. Ad hoc press releases and press conferences along with the timely disclosure of related information, Getac explains the company’s business development and targets. Public opinion is also collected for the reference of the management team. 
  • In 2021, total exposure in Taiwan media reached 800 times. 

Communication Channels

Acting spokesperson of Getac 

Irene Sun 

[email protected] 

Getac’s Response Methods

  • Official documents (immediately) 
  • Regulatory meetings and training 
  • Seminars(periodically) 

2021 Issues Of Concerns

  • Anti-corruption  
  • Corporate Governance & Transparency Of Information  
  • Risk Management  
  • Information Security & Customer Privacy  
  • Operational Risk Management 

Communication and Response

  • Ad hoc meetings and bulletins are used for cooperating with government agencies on related matters. These include attending related lectures, courses and conferences, and active cooperation with government agencies. 
  • After the “Corporate Governance 3.0 – Sustainable Development Blueprint” for enhancing corporate sustainability and ESG governance was issued by the Financial Supervisory Committee in 2021, Getac actively responded to the blueprint and introduced related requirements. Seven improvements were subsequently made and completed in 2021 based on the indicators 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation. 

Communication Channels

Government contact mailbox 

Legal Affairs 

Oliver Chu 

[email protected]