Mechanic with a tablet

Getac’s next generation K120 fully-rugged tablet combines advanced versatility with superior performance for optimal productivity in the field

Mechanic with a tablet

Taipei, 28 April 2021: 

Getac has today announced the launch of its next-generation K120 fully rugged tablet, for mobile field professionals working in challenging industries including public safety, manufacturing, utilities, defence, transportation, natural resources, and oil & gas.

Superior performance in field environments

Building on a proven track record of success, the next-generation of Getac’s popular K120 tablet features a multitude of upgrades and enhancements over its predecessor, to further optimise productivity in remote and/or adverse environments. A powerful 11th Generation Intel® quad-core i5/i7 processor with integrated Iris® Xe graphics (codename “Tiger Lake”) delivers extraordinary performance, rapid responsiveness and rich visuals, meaning the K120 can be used to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing or overheating. Enhanced connectivity, thanks to inbuilt Wi-Fi 6, WWAN with Integrated GPS/GLONASS and Bluetooth 5.2, enables users to utilise a wide selection of over-air interfaces, while Thunderbolt™ 4 technology makes data collection in the field quick and easy. Additional key features include PCIe NVMe user-replaceable SSD storage and 16GB of memory as standard.

The K120 also includes a 12.5-inch, 1,200 nits LumiBond® 2.0 display with Getac sunlight readable technology, for easy operation in even the brightest outdoor environments. Multiple touch modes (regular touch, glove and pen modes, plus an optional digitizer mode) enhance performance in a range of situations, while an innovative dual hot-swappable battery design offers uninterrupted full-shift functionality. To keep sensitive data fully protected, the K120 features a powerful suit of security features and multifactor authentication management including Intel® vPro Technology, TPM 2.0, HF RFID reader, smart card reader, fingerprint reader and Windows Hello.

Enhanced versatility for every user scenario

The next-generation K120 has been designed with versatility at its core. This means it can be quickly and easily adapted to numerous real-world use cases via an extensive range of user modes and optional Getac accessories, including secure vehicle and office docks, hard handle, shoulder strap (2-point), dual bay battery charger and full-size keyboard.

Market leading IP66 and MIL-STD certifications

Like all Getac devices, the next-generation K120 is built rugged from the ground up to offer exceptional reliability that easily outperforms other rugged devices currently available on the market. MIL-STD-810H, MIL-STD-461G and IP66 certification, 6ft (1.8m) drop resistance and an operating temperature range of -29°C to 63°C (-20°F to 145°F) mean users can get to work without fear of data loss, damage or failure.

Getac Select® – tailored for industry needs

The next-generation K120 is part of Getac Select®, which combines pre-configured rugged devices, software, accessories, and professional services into a total solution optimised for both individual applications and user groups. Key software utilities available for use alongside the K120 are the Virtual Global Positioning System Utility (VGPS), Getac Driving Safety Utility, Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS), and KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility.1

A versatile, all-purpose solution for firefighting professionals

Firefighters need digital devices that let them work effectively in a diverse range of day-to-day scenarios, from updating vital fire safety and critical awareness data, to coordinating crews and controlling drones while on-scene at an emergency incident. The K120’s versatility makes every task quick and easy. Its powerful processor, superb connectivity and inbuilt security features mean it can be relied on in even the most adverse emergency scenarios, while five programmable buttons provide fast, one-touch access to first responder applications. An optional dedicated GPS unit makes it suitable for high speed navigation during emergency response callouts, and Getac’s VGPS utility can be used to extend the life of important legacy applications.

Digitally transform manufacturing environments

As digital transformation gathers pace throughout the manufacturing sector, organisations are increasingly turning to robust mobile devices to perform key tasks, such as industrial programming, robotic control and warehouse/inventory management. The next-generation K120 has been designed with this squarely in mind. Its extensive connectivity features, including Wi-Fi 6, WWAN and Bluetooth 5.2, enable employees to connect and control machinery from anywhere in the facility, while multiple I/O options support the continued use of legacy equipment wherever required. The K120 also seamlessly integrates with leading inventory management, ERP and WMS software, while an optional barcode and RFID reader aids smooth warehouse/inventory management operations.

Efficient asset/workforce management for utilities and field services

Efficient asset and workforce management are both key aspects of the utilities industry, but they can be challenging to achieve from the field without the right devices and applications. The K120’s thin and light form factor, multiple usage modes and Thunderbolt™ 4 technology makes all kinds of data collection and communication fast and efficient, while an optional RS232 port supports legacy equipment, helping to extend lifecycles and streamline field operations.

Extend the life of legacy applications with Getac’s Virtual Global Positioning System (VGPS)

Getac’s VGPS utility is a software solution that replicates GPS data to multiple virtual COM ports, allowing up to five different software applications to run simultaneously on a Getac device. Doing so helps extend the life of legacy applications that require COM port interfaces to run in parallel, such as AVL, CAD, or eCitation. VGPS can be seamlessly integrated with any GPS-equipped Getac device.

“The original K120’s blend of portability, connectivity and rugged reliability made it ideal for customers who needed a solution that could excel in every scenario, not just a few,” says Rick Hwang, President of Rugged & Video Solutions Business Group at Getac. “The next generation K120 raises that bar even higher, combining industry-leading rugged design with the latest technology, applications and services, to deliver a comprehensive solution that helps optimise productivity across a wide range of challenging industries.”


The next-generation Getac K120 will be available in July 2021. For more information, please visit:

1. Virtual Global Positioning System Utility (VGPS), Getac Driving Safety Utility, Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS), and KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility are individual options for the K120 under the Getac Select®. For more information, please visit

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The original K120’s blend of portability, connectivity and rugged reliability made it ideal for customers who needed a solution that could excel in every scenario, not just a few.

Rick Hwang, President of Rugged & Video Solutions Business Group at Getac